Friday, July 29, 2011

Cricut Images

Check out this link for the images on the new CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge. It is located on the bookshelf. When you flip through the pages, you will see the images and the font available.  CTMH has designed stamped images to coordinate with the cut out images. The stamps will have instructions for the correct cut size so the stamp image will fit correctly onto the cut image. How cool is that?The Art Philosophy Kit will be available August 1.
PLUS....Starting in August, if you place an order $150 or more, you will qualify for Hostess Rewards and be eligible to receive ANY item in the Idea Book for 50% off. You will also be qualified to receive the Stamp of the Month, Wicked for FREE and you will receive a FREE A sized stamp set called Typeface Alphabet (retail $6.95)

And there's more....

Prices for stamps and the B & T paper kits have been REDUCED!!!

Stamp prices are as follows:

Size     New Price           Old Price
A            $6.95                $7.95
  B            $9.95                $13.95
 C            $13.95              $18.95
 D            $17.95              $22.95

    B & T Paper is now cardstock quality and costs $9.95 vs. $12.95.

The price of cardstock has increased, so if there are any colors you would like, order them now through my website while supplies last.

I can't wait to share all the new and exciting products and changes available through Close To My Heart.  Contact me for more information. I am available for Workshops, Gatherings and One on One Studio J instruction and now Basic Cricut instruction if needed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Chance! Retiring from Close To My Heart

News from Convention from my Director Barb:

Many of you LOVE much, if not all, of CTMH's wonderful product especially the Paper! At Convention, CTMH announced that all of our B&T papers were changing to be Cardstock weight! Several months ago, CTMH informed us that the Level 1 Kits were going away, as of AUGUST 1st! AND that all B&T Paper, as we have known it will no longer be available! Many of the BULK Cardstock packages will be retired, as well... There is a whole list of items retiring that I am attaching for your information... CTMH will be retiring 4 of My Reflection Kits from the Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book, but will be keeping the other 4... and all of the remain kits from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book will be gone! ALL of the Workshops on the Go from the S/S 2011 Idea Book will no longer be available after September 1st!

Close To My Heart Product Retiring...

And it's Going, Going... Gone!

Paper Kits Retiring:Miracle 2011

Bliss Level 1 -- X7132A pg 12

Bliss Level 2 -- X7132B pg 12

Bliss stickease -- X7132C pg 12

Miracle L1 -- X7133A pg 16

Miracle L2 -- X7133B pg 16

Miracle stickease -- X7133C pg 16

Sweetheart L1 -- X7134A pg 20

Sweetheart L2 -- X7134B pg 20

Sweetheart stickease -- X7132C pg 20 Bliss

Wings L1 -- X7135A pg 24

Wings L2 -- X7135B pg 24

Wings stickease -- X7135C pg 24

Magnifique L1 -- X7127A pg 38

Magnifique L2 -- X7127B pg 38

Magnifique stickease -- X7127C pg 38

Olivia L1 -- X7128A pg 38

Olivia L2 -- X7128B pg 38

Olivia stickease -- X7128C pg 38

Hooligans L1 -- X7129A pg 39

Hooligans L2 -- X7129B pg 39

Hooligans stickease -- X7129C pg 39

Mistletoe L1 -- X7130A pg 39

Mistletoe L2 -- X7130B pg 39

Mistletoe stickease -- X7130C pg 39

Workshops On The Go Retiring:

Sweetheart WOTG -- G1017 pg 41

Lucky WOTG -- G1018 pg 41

Sophia WOTG -- G1019 pg 41

Bliss WOTG -- G1020 pg 42

Fanfare WOTG -- G1021 pg 42

Mayberry WOTG -- G1022 pg 42

Miracle WOTG -- G1023 pg 43

Wings WOTG -- G1016 pg 43

Acrylic Blocks Retiring:

1" x 1 ½" block -- Y1001 pg 45

1" x 6 ½" block -- Y1005 pg 45

2" x 11" block -- Y1007 pg 45

2 ½" x 2 ½" block -- Y1004 pg 45

4 ½" x 6 ½" block -- Y1011 pg 45

MISC. Accessories and Embellishments Retiring:

Designer ribbon - Cranberry -- Z1209 pg 115

Designer ribbon - Buttercup -- Z1154 pg 115

Designer ribbon - Sweet Leaf -- Z1125 pg 115

Sophia L2 Journaling Spots -- Z1357 pg 116

Mini Medley Accents - Pear -- Z1339 pg 117

Mini Medley Accents - Lagoon -- Z1340 pg 117

Mini Medley Accents - Outdoor Denim -- Z1277 pg 117

Top Coats - Framed In -- Z1211 pg 118

Rub Ons - Across the Board -- Z1231 pg 118

Rub Ons - Primavera -- Z1265 pg 118

Dimensional Elements - Villa -- Z1390 pg 118

Dimensional Elements - Miracle -- Z1354 pg 118

Dimensional Elements - Booksmart -- Z1223 pg 119

Dimensional Elements - Borders -- Z1156 pg 119

Dimensional Elements - Framed Fun -- Z1140 pg 119

Dimensional Elements - Plain Chipboard -- Z1164 pg 119

Dimensional Elements - Stars -- Z1312 pg 119

3" x 3" Mini Album -- Z1166 pg 120

My Creations 3 ring binder -- Z1141 pg 120

Kraft Color Ready Borders -- Z1377 pg 120

Red Eye Pen -- 3501 pg 121

Embossing Powders - Clear -- Z671 pg 121

Embossing Powders - Heavenly Blue -- Z647 pg 121

Embossing Powders - Pansy Purple -- Z664 pg 121

Embossing Powders - Silver Pearl -- Z678 pg 121

Block Buddy Set -- Z1289 pg 121

Pivot Point Stapler -- Z1009 pg 122

Texture Tools - Foam Tools -- Z1090 pg 122

Fun Flock -- Z263

My Accents Organizer -- Z183 pg 123

My Accents Block Organizer -- Z185 pg 123

Euro Personal Paper Trimmer -- Z338 pg 123

Euro Replacement Blades -- Z339 pg 123

Euro Replacement Blade/Scoring -- Z340 pg 123

Retiring Cardstock:

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Grey Flannel -- 5573 pg 124

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Grey Wool -- 5571 pg 124

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Brown Bag -- X5644 pg 124

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Parchment -- X5645 pg 124

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Amethyst -- X5631 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Baby Pink -- 1299 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Heavenly Blue -- 1285 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Key Lime -- 1235 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sunkiss Yellow -- 1240 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Taffy -- X5630 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Juniper -- X5752 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Lilac Mist -- 1295 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sorbet -- X5751 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Spring Iris -- 1296 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Tulip -- X5753 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Gypsy -- X5757 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Holiday Red -- 1274 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sunny Yellow -- 1225 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sunset -- X5758 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Topiary -- X5635 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Cotton Candy -- X5760 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Dutch Blue -- 1241 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Lagoon -- X5762 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Pear -- X5764 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sky -- X5761 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Autumn Terracotta -- 1270 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Barn Red -- X5637 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - New England Ivy -- 1282 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Pansy Purple -- 5590 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Sunflower -- 1242 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Garden Green -- 1244 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Goldrush -- 1243 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Hollyhock -- 1246 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Indian Corn Blue -- 1284 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Vineyard Berry -- 1248 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Buttercup -- 1271 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Garnet -- X5638 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Moonstruck -- 1293 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Ponderosa Pine -- 1276 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Smokey Plum -- 1291 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Blush -- X5640 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Crystal Blue -- 1292 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Honey -- X5668 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Petal -- X5667 pg 125

Cardstock 24 pk 12" x 12" - Twilight -- X5666 pg 125

Textured Cardstock - White Daisy -- X5671 pg 124

One other note: All Stamp Pet sets, Marker sets, & Cardstock Combo's will no longer be available to order... The colors are not changing/going away, they will be selling them loose ONLY!

And regarding the Cardstock Combo's, the colors are not changing but are being re-grouped so combo packs will change)

So if there is something you would like, please make sure to place your order by contacting me, ordering through my website or finding me at one of your local crops.

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Info RE: New Cricut Cartridge from CTMH

Introducing Cricut Art Philosophy

I am delighted to introduce the exclusive Close To My Heart Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge! Simply plug the cartridge into your Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter machine and you are ready to cut the 700 shapes with a touch of a button. The exclusive images are versatile and many are designed to be used with specific My Acrylix stamps for real eye-popping power!

When you purchase the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge you will ALSO receive 3 exclusive D size stamp sets, designed to perfectly coordinate with images on the cartridge. Plus we are including three 9 x 12 dimensional elements that work in tandem with the cartridge as well. You can mix and match to your hearts content. Stamp on your cricut shape, cover your Dimensional Element with a Cricut Shape, or cut, stamp and then cover! You will be all set to create uniquely beautiful artwork with incredible ease! Take a peek at the video that shows this great cartridge in use-

A few more highlights-
As you browse the new idea book, you will notice stamp sets that have a red line around them. That means they are Cricut Compatible! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

  • 700 Shapes on the cartridge!
  • 46 sizes each
  • 32,200 possibilities!!!

So how do you get this exclusive cartridge? It is easy, here are a few ways to own this wonderful new cartridge.

  1. I am taking pre-orders for this cartridge which is available August 1st.
  2. Host a party with sales of $250 or more and you can get this cartridge for half price!
  3. Become a consultant and order it yourself at a great discount.

This is one cartridge you will want to add to your collection. It takes creating to a new level of faster, simpler and easier!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Consultant Kit

Convention is taking place this week at the Greatest Place on Earth, Disneyland. I wish I were there to enjoy the excitement with my fellow consultants. But, thanks to the Consultants who are there tweeting and posting, I feel like I am there. They have been so generous in their posts and tweets showing those who couldn't attend the new products that will be featured in the Fall/Winter Idea Book going live August 1. If you haven't heard the biggest news, Close To My Heart has entered the Cricut world with a cartridge that I am sure you'll have to have. Matter of fact, you'll want to contact me to schedule your home gathering to earn this phenomenal bundle of cartridge and 3 coordinating stamps set for at a huge discount.
Convention is Christmas for CTMH Consultants. CTMH gives it consultants a boatload of spectacular gifts. Maybe next year, we can go to Convention together.  Check out the new $99 (yes, you read that right) Consultant kit full of new products. Join my team and next year, you can join the fun at our next Convention.

Check out the new products available August 1 in the Fall/Winter Idea Book.

Thanks for looking,

An Exclusive New Cricut Cartridge from CTMH

Art Philosophy Circuit Collection

Check out this cool video featuring the new exclusive Cricut Cartridge available in the Fall/Winter Idea Book available August 1, 2011.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fanfare Cards

It's summer time and that mean Birthday time for me and my family. There are a lot of birthdays and birthday parties that the kids have been invited to over the last few weeks and in the upcoming months, I needed to get busy and start making some cards.

A fellow consultant (sorry forgot who it was because I would love to her the credit) posted cards using the Fanfare WOTG stamp set that were so cute and easy, I had to see if I could make them myself for last minute Birthday Cards.  They were so easy to make. I think a set of these would be a great gift for anyone.

Convention starts next week. I can't wait to see all the new products for fall.

Hope to see you all soon,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Layout CASED

I was so inspired by this layout I saw from that I wanted to make one for myself. It uses the Mayberry Paper pack and Over the Rainbow stamp set.

I think this layout will be perfect for our vacation pictures. By the way, the BigRedScraps blog is a resource for card, layout, and papercrafting ideas using Close To My Heart products. Lots of talented consultants and customers share their creative artwork on this site. Go check it out if you have a chance.

This is the layout that will be featured during the July Workshops. It is the Mayberry Workshop On the Go. The Workshop kit comes with a Level 2 paper kit, an exclusive special stamp set, a workshop guide for the layout and cards, and an embellishment package to use for the layouts and cards. All for $29.95!

For my workshop, I will be offering the materials to make this 2 page layout for $7. Contact me if interested in coming to the Workshop or if you would like a kit yourself.

Thanks for looking,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bang for Your Buck

Our July Constant Campaign, Bang for Your Buck, is sure to send your summer sales soaring! Simply put, when you make a minimum purchase of $50 from the Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book, you can add a bonus item for just $1. Choose from five items, each valued at $8.95 US or more (limit one bonus item per qualifying order). To qualify for this promotion, items purchased must be from the Spring/Summer Idea Book. Order early, before supplies run out!

Four Days for the 4th

Because of all the 4th of July Sales, I have decided to feature my own special:

Starting today to July 4th, purchase any D sized stamp retail $22.95 for $17.76 and/or FREE shipping for orders $50 or more before shipping and taxes. Contact me to place your order for my discounts.

The even better news about these specials is that your $50 purchase not only gets a select product for $1, but also earns you the Stamp of the Month for July for 50% off, or only $11.48! I absolutely LOVE the star in this set--works great for any birthday or celebration layout!

July is also the last month of the Spring/Summer catalog, which means that lots of products will be retiring at the end of this month. Make sure to stock up on your favorites to get them before they're gone! The following paper packs will be retiring,as well as all the matching accessories for all the paper packs from this catalog:


Make sure to order these and any accessories you like before the end of the month--there may be some surprise retiring products as well, so this is the month to scour the catalog and get everything you want in case it goes away.

I hope you can take advantage of all the Specials this month. The new Idea Book will be available August 1.

Stay tuned for more Specials from me this month.


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